How To Treat Early Morning Heel Pain?

Advanced podiatric treatments for plantar fasciitis combined with rest, night splints, anti-inflammatories, injections, physical therapy, and orthotics may be necessary to treat your heel pain effectively. Conservative treatment is about 85% effective, and surgery is rarely needed. The longer you wait to seek professional help, the more likely you will need invasive treatment or even surgery to control your heel pain. Glucocorticoid (steroid) injection may also work for plantar fasciitis and should be used if the patient has not responded to conservative measures. The use of diagnostic ultrasound to guide the injection is recommended.

Surgery for these two conditions are a little more technical. The medial calcaneal nerve is a sensory nerve only. It has no motor function. If the pain becomes unbearable then you can stop the pain by stopping the nerve from functioning. This is done by either chemical neurolysis with alcohol or possible surgical transection. The first branch of the lateral plantar nerve is another story. It has a motor function in the foot so chemical neuroysis or transection is not recommended. Open reduction is required. This is only 60% successful. Some other solutions for treating heel pain come not from the drug store or the doctor’s office, but the grocery.heel pain

Orthotics is designed to correct faulty foot function reducing the amount of ankle role and arch flattening during the gait cycle. In turn this will reduce the amount of internal rotation of the ankles, legs and knees. By correcting over-pronation orthotics re-align the feet and ankle bones to their neutral position, restoring our natural foot function. Therefore, orthotics not only helps alleviateproblems in the feet but also in otherparts of the body such as the knees and lower back. Short Description 40 million people in the world are suffering with heel pain. This article discussed the most common cause of heel pain and how to diagnose and treat the condition.

If you are the athletic type, always wear proper footwear while engaging in sports or fitness activities. Shop for shoes that are designed to cushion and support the balls of your feet. Make sure the shoes are wide enough to prevent the pinching of nerves, with proper arch support. Use custom orthotics for ultimate comfort and support. Be aware of the wrong type of shoes in everyday wear too. Opt for shoes with lower heels and that allow a flexible ankle joint. Don’t settle for cheap, non-supportive shoes during work, play or even shopping. heel pain relief

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